verse #1
i can't pretend, that everythings out of my hands 'cause it's not
get out my head, i'm freezing these feelings with ice cold thoughts
you knew what i meant, with all of those unopened texts that you got
and that's why i left, 'cause i couldn't cope with the mess for this long

so take a short intermission and see how it feels
while i'm drowning in visions reflecting what's real
it's all indifferent, it's all indifferent to me

i'm starting to come to terms with the simple fact
that you don't feel the same and i'll have to deal with that
and i just can't find the words to tell you what's on my mind
because you're running through my head all the god damn time

my bones are falling numb and you're starting to become
just a ghost on the wall disappear when i call
you don't bother to see me at all
[you don't bother to call]
salty reminisce, i'm such a pessimist
[you don't bother to call]
i can't get over this, my bodys full of bliss
[you don't bother to call]


from the collection., released January 6, 2017
© 2016 Loveovernite, under exclusive license to Fightless Records



all rights reserved


loveovernite. Ontario

is the solo project of 20 year old Canadian singer/song-writer
Kai Salmon. Kai uses his influences from the early emo generation with an acoustic guitar to capture his emotions and experiences in hopes of having a positive impact on teenagers all over the world. ... more

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